School for working adults who can't make excuses


The largest online school in Japan
MUP if you really want to change
The largest online school in Japan
MUP if you really want to change
The largest online school in Japan
MUP if you really want to change

"I want to change something" "But I don't have the money or the time"

Then you don't need money or time.

Business school for working people

MUP is an environment where you can't make excuses.

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Let's get the skill


MMBA / MBBA acquisition and required credits


Rabbit live

Sparta online training while answering students' questions live on the rabbit-only FB page every Thursday .

Business plan application

You can run for a meeting where you can output what you have learned and announce your business plan in order to win an investment.

Student-only app

With the student-only app, you can search for friends, connect with other MUP students, and search for friends such as event planning.

Career support

The skills gained through MUP cannot be utilized without changing the environment. Career counseling sessions are held regularly.

Video education

The curriculum videos sent every week are all you want to learn anywhere with just one smartphone. Preparation and review are easy and deep understanding is possible.

MUP event

You can preferentially participate in occasional events such as BBQ, cafes, and athletic meet.

MUP camp

MUP camp held once a year for 2 days and 3 days. Practical skill improvement training camp. Usually hundreds of thousands of yen is half price only for rabbit class.

Attracting customers to the community

You can search for MUP student events and shops within the MUP student app. Promote "Anyway, at a MUP student shop "!


Business match

We offer new possibilities by conducting business matches and work matches within the school.

Online elections

Would you like to elect the investment use of the profit reserve fund of the MUP project? Full of excitement such as "Make a working cafe!"

Coming Soon...



MUP Rabbit Class (Paid) Frequently Asked Questions

Plan comparison: Click here for free / paid plan comparison

Participation after registration: Click here for details after registration

About withdrawal: Withdrawal is always about 30 seconds here
For settlement: simple settlement details here.

Graduation credits: Click here for MMBA graduation qualifications

App details: Click here for MUP app

Details of all plans

Most people enroll in free classes because MUP can be fully learned even in free classes. However, please be sure to apply only if you agree with the vision.

No monthly fee / no payment registration

Elephant class

Monthly fee: ¥ 0


・ Instagram viewing

・ Weekly video distribution (none)

・ Rabbit live distribution (none)

・ MUP event (no priority & discount)

・ MUP training camp (¥ 480,000 / time)

・ Business plan application (none)

・ Start-up support (none)

・ Career counseling (no priority participation)

・ Takehana Foundation activity participation (none)

Acquisition of professional business skills

Rabbit class

Monthly fee: ¥ 8,980

Credit payment

・ Instagram viewing

・ MMBA credit acquisition (Yes)

・ Weekly video distribution (Yes)

・ Rabbit live distribution (Yes)

・ MUP event (priority & discount available)

・ MUP training camp (¥ 248,000 / time)

・ Business plan application (Yes)

・ Entrepreneurship support (Yes)

・ Career counseling (priority)

Participation in Takehana Foundation activities ( Yes )

Private consulting

Lion class

Each time: ¥ 3,800,000 / hour

Bank transfer

Takaki Takehana has realized the know-how cultivated by the world's top companies, a mechanism to hit billions in just two years as a proof of that know-how, and global expansion. It is a private consulting plan for such an entrepreneur. We offer consulting services for consulting companies, which are usually said to cost hundreds of millions of yen, at a reasonable price that can be realized because they are private.

* If you need a deliverable, the time required for the deliverable and the actual cost will be charged separately.


Be sure to follow the rules below to improve your community.

[Behave kindly and politely]

New members should always say hello and briefly introduce themselves (name, hobbies, work, purpose of participation) when the request is approved. Let's reply to the existing members as well.

[Respect the will of the members]

Mutual trust is essential to the participation of this group. True and genuine discussions are the real thrill of the group, but there are also delicate topics and content that you don't want to make public. What you share with the group should be kept within the group.

[Participation in the event]

At each event, we strictly adjust the capacity. Be sure to participate when you "participate in the event". If you do not participate due to unavoidable reasons, please be sure to cancel your participation on the event page in advance.

[Prohibition of business activities]

The community is purely a place to exchange information and pursue "interesting". Please refrain from selling or introducing MLM sales or any other merchandise in this community.

[Prohibition of meeting purpose]

The community is free, but you cannot participate for the purpose of meeting. It is unavoidable to participate for the purpose of "enriching your life" and eventually develop into a love affair, but please refrain from acts such as picking up at exchange meetings.